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Billing Policy

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    Patient Portal Billing Policy
If you are covered by health insurance, we will be happy to bill your insurance. The financial statement you receive will reflect the insurance company billed and the payment we received that they made (if any). If we have not billed your insurance plan, it is because we do not have the information. If you have insurance and your financial statement does not reflect payment, please call our office to provide the correct insurance information. Accepting your insurance does not relieve you of responsibility for your bill, and you will be held accountable for any unpaid balances by your plan.

It is our policy that payment is due at the time you receive a financial statement unless other financial arrangements are made in advance. We require all patients to pay their deductible, copay and/or coinsurance payment at the time you receive the financial statement. If you cannot pay in full, please contact us to make satisfactory payment arrangements. Accounts with inadequate payment arrangements may be referred to a collection agency or an attorney.

Although we are contracted with many insurance carriers, our services may not be covered by your insurance plan. Receiving services by our providers does not necessarily guarantee that your insurance will cover our services. Please remember that you are 100 percent responsible for all charges incurred. Referrals and our verification of your insurance benefits are not a guarantee of payment.

If, for any reason, you account has a credit balance, we will strive to resolve the credit balance as soon as possible.

We highly recommend you also contact your insurance carrier and check your coverage. Do not assume that you will not owe anything if you have more than one insurance policy.